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2018 Clergy Holiday Special

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2018 Clergy Holiday Specials  –   Please click here to see our full listing of Clergy Apparel Holiday Specials     – Duffy and Quinn/Craft Robe Company is located in New York City’s garment district as it has been since

Church Robes

Church Robes

Providing Church Robes – Clergy Apparel – Cassocks – Vestments – Clergy Suits & Attire For over 50 years Duffy & Quinn/Craft Robe Co. have been a God Send to clergy throughout the US and in many countries around the

Judicial Robes

Judicial Robes

Providing Judge’s Robes & Judicial Apparel Customized for Today’s Busy Judge Your robes will be shipped the same day that they are ordered. – Call us and we’ll help you with your selection – Duffy & Quinn/Craft Robe Co. have

confirmation gowns new york

Confirmation Gowns & Robes

Confirmation Robes and Gowns with Free Shipping Our selection of confirmation apparel is customized for your church and is shipped the same day we receive the order. It’s a wonderfully joyous experience – a solemn and majestic moment in a

graduation robes new york

Graduation Regalia

Graduation Regalia – A Complete Selection of Graduation Caps, Gowns, and Accessories See our 2018 Graduation Regalia Sale here. Providing graduation caps & gowns – graduation regalia – honor stoles & cords and much more.  Kindergarten, High School and college levels. Tassels,

choir robes new york

Choir Robes & Gowns

Choir Robes and Gowns Duffy & Quinn/Craft Robe Co. offer the widest variety of choir gowns, stoles, and robes for every occasion. We can customize them with your church colors and a wide selection of personal trims and touches. With our

Kind, Outstanding Service

For over twenty years now your kind, outstanding service has marked our relationship. The quality of the clergy apparel is second to none - thank you

Msgr. Donohue - St Patricks

Great Quality, Great Service

Thank you Marvin and Alfredo for making this large order easy. The confirmation gowns arrived on time and we are very happy with the quality.

Rev. Patrick Duffy

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