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Providing Church Robes – Cassocks – Vestments – Clergy Suits & Attire

For over 50 years Duffy & Quinn/Craft Robe Co. have been a God Send to clergy throughout the US and in many countries around the world. Our full line of church robes, vestments, chasubles, minister robes are in stock and can be customized for your church.

See Our Selection of Bishop’s Clothing

Offering the widest variety of clergy apparel for all denominations.  We have in stock a wide selection of the highest quality products at the most competitive pricing. 

Aside from our stock program, our tailors do custom work at our New York City location.  We can make our robes match your church colors if need be.  Offering a selection of personal trims and touches to suit your taste. 

Cassocks custom made within 2 weeks.  Should your choir need sprucing up, we too offer several quick ship in stock styles to choose from.  Of course custom styles are also available in your choice of color, fabrication, and trim.  Ask about our rental selections as well.  Our staff of professionals is highly trained in correct protocol for any denomination. 

On a limited basis depending on location, we are able to make rectory/church visits to measure your choir/clergy.

Celebrate the Year of Faith

Clergy Shirt Sale - 3 starting at  $135.

Cassock Sale - Custom tailored to your measurements from $295.

Save 30% on our entire collection of Clerical Vests, shirt fronts & collars, Vestments


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