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Duffy & Quinn/Craft Robe Co. have been providing Quality, Comfort, and Convenience for today’s judges for over 50 years.

We have 5 styles of judicial robes that are tailored for women or men providing a quality, comfortable fit that is second to none. Special construction features allow our robes to fit perfectly and last for many years.

Professional assortment of different styles and sizes available for immediate shipping. Custom made judge apparel is always an option, allow 6-8 weeks for delivery.


QS Counsel-H-224F-2012-PLAll robes are tailored in the Wonder Crepe fabric for year comfort – easy care, wrinkle resistant with soil release finish.  Rich fluting across shoulders and back of robe.

Satisfaction is always guaranteed – If for any reason you are not totally pleased, the robe may be returned for exchange, credit, or complete refund. Free monogram on every robe. Free Full-length robe bag with every order.

Our Judicial Robes are designed to give you a dignified appearance and long lasting comfort. Plus all styles are in stock and ready for shipping within 24 hours of receiving your order.

  • “Court” – (pictured above right)  Sets the standard by which all other judge robes are compared. It is ideal for juried court room appearances and public ceremonies – with a 6″ – 8″ floor clearance and a long zipper concealed beneath the twin front panels.  The lined bell sleeves with deep cuffs complete the stately appearance, and a right pocket slit is included for convenience. $350.00
  •  “Docket” – Is exceptionally comfortable for judges spending long hours at the bench.  It’s lined sleeves taper to the wrist eliminating the mid-arm fullness and bulk of fabric found on robes with the traditional cuffed bell sleeved design. It’s slightly shorter length provides an average 12″ floor clearance. The twin front panels conceal a shorter 24″ lap length zipper permitting more air and body movement under the robe and adding to the robes coolness. A right hand pocket slit adds easy pocket access. $350.00
The "Docket" and "Honor" judicial robes
The “Docket” and “Honor” judicial robes
  • “Bench”  – Ideal for more informal non-juried wearings at the bench.  It’s classical appetence suggest true, traditional styling yet the unlined,  pointed open sleeves maximize comfort.  This is the shortest judicial robe style we offer – it’s 14″ floor clearance maximizes cool comfort.  It also features a right pocket slit and a lap length 24″ front zipper.  Tailored in lightweight Starlite, a machine washable fabric with soil release finish.  $275.00
  • “Honor” – the same as the Bench style but with slightly heavier fabric.  $195.00
  • “Magistrate” – The same as the Honor style but has ornamental black braids and velvet buttons trimming each shoulder. $225.00
    Magistrate style detail
    Magistrate style detail






judge robesWhy do business with Duffy and Quinn / Craft Robe Company?  Because we’re the nicest people in the business and we have the lowest prices and highest quality:

  • Vouchers are accepted
  • Fabrics are for year-round wear
  • “Easy Care” materials – wrinkle resistant with soil release finish
  • All models tailored for woman and men
  • Full line of Gavel Sets from $29.95
  • Full length robe bags Special – $11.95
  • Gift certificates available.